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Beopoulos Nikolaos

Dr. Nikolaos Beopoulos, Professor of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Development of the Agricultural University of Athens, has graduated from the Agricultural School of Athens.  He holds a graduate degree (D.E.A.) and a Ph. D. degree, Universite Paris VII, France. He has attended post doctorate studies in INRA and CNRS, France as well as the University of Gent, Belgium.

As a faculty member of the Department of Agricultural Economics, he teaches the following undergraduate courses: “Protection and Management of the Rural Environment” , “Comparative Agriculture I” and “Comparative Agriculture II: Rural Landscape”. In the context of the graduate programmes of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Development and the Department of Natural Resource Use and Agricultural Mechanics of the Agricultural University of Athens, he teaches the graduate course: “Environment and Rural Development”.

His research activity focuses on issues of environmental management of rural systems as well as on issues related to the analysis of rural space and the impact of agricultural activity on the environment. He has participated in many competitive research programmes administered by the European Union.

As an editor, in cooperation with others, he has issued a number of scientific publications such as: “Critical Overview of the Development and Protection of Rural Environment”, Stohastis, Athens, 1999, “New Millennium: Greece”, IMCE, Paris, 2001, “Rural Landscape: A Palimpsest of Rural Peoples’ Effort Through the Centuries”, Merkouri Estate, Athens,2004, and “Desertification: Lack of Human Presence and Land Sterility”, Gutenberg, Athens, 2008.








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