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Papageorgiou Konstantinos

Professor C. Papageorgiou is a graduate of the Department of Agricultural Economics of the Agricultural University of Athens. He holds a post graduate degree (Diploma) as well as a Ph. D. degree (D. Plil.) in Agricultural Economics from Oxford University, United Kingdom. He has served as a senior researcher at the National Center of Social Research (E.K.K.E.) as well as at the Center of Programming and Economic Research (K.E.P.E.). He has also held the position of General Director of the Pan-Hellenic Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives (P.A.S.E.G.E.S.)

Professor Papageorgiou has been the chief editor of the journalá ôSyneteristiki Poreia ľ Cooperative Evolutionö for a period of fourteen years as well as the president of the Governing Board of the Institute of Cooperative Studies and Research for a period of twelve years. He has also held the position of the permanent member of the Consultative Committee for Social Economy of the European Commission. He has been teaching courses in Cooperative and Social Economics as well as the Common Agricultural Policy at the undergraduate and graduate level.






Social Economy