Quick Reference: Degrees Offered

The MSc Integrated Rural Development is being offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development at the Agricultural University of Athens.

The academic staff participating and contributing to the programme originates from a variety of institutions:

  • The Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of the Agricultural University of Athens
  • The University of the Aegean Islands, the University of Thessaly, the University of Macedonia, the Panteion University, the Harokopion University etc.
  • Faculty members of European Universities, executives of International Organizations and of Greek Development Agencies (Network of Development Agencies, Management Authorities of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Regional Authorities of Rural Development, Local Authorities).

The cooperation and interaction of such a diverse group contributes to a comprehensive approach of the problems of rural space and to establishing contacts between students and the market for experts.

A variety of teaching methods are employed that range from formal lecture formats and tutorials, to student presentations in class exercises and computer laboratory based sessions.



The competent administrative bodies for the operation of the programme are:

  • at the University level:
    • The Senate of the University
    • The General Assembly of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  • at the Postgraduate Programme level:
    The Coordinating Committee of the Postgraduate Programme