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The duration of studies for the MSc is three (3) academic semesters. During the first and second semester students attend the respective courses while the third semester is devoted to research and the preparation of the postgraduate thesis.

The first academic semester begins in the first week of October, lasts until February when students take their final exams for all courses attended.

The second academic semester begins shortly after the exams of the first semester, lasts twelve weeks until the examination period and ends upon completion of the students practical training (optional).

The third academic semester is devoted to the research and preparation of the postgraduate thesis which is required for graduation. The submission deadline for the thesis is May 31 of the following year of the students admission to the programme. Any request for completion beyond the deadline should be submitted for approval in writing by the student to the Coordinating Committee, upon the agreement of the Supervising Professor.

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The Coordinating Committee can, on exceptional occasions, alter the above dates which refer to the beginning and the end of the academic semesters.