Master of Science
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The number of prospective students

The number of students admitted and registered to the Postgraduate Programme has been set at up to twenty five (25) per year.


Applicants should be university graduates with a degree in an agronomic field, economics, finance, science or engineering, or a related field, from a Greek or an accredited foreign University.

Admission requirements – Selection process

The admission process begins with an announcement in the daily press inviting prospective students to submit their applications to the administrator of the Programme.

Selection criteria…

More information:

  • Read the public announcement of the programme for the academic year 2008- 2009
  • See the material for the entry examinations
  • Postgraduate studies legislation
  • Information about the academic programme


The selection process is based on the Law 2083/92 (paragraph 2a of article 12), the Law 2327/95 (paragraph/1a of article 16) and the Law 2916/2001 (paragraph 12 of article 5).