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Each postgraduate student is expected to carry out research for a Thesis. The subject and title of the Thesis is specified by the student in cooperation with his/hers Supervising Professor, and is submitted for approval to the Coordinating Committee of the programme. It is also approved by the General Assembly of the Department.

The postgraduate Thesis is examined by an Examination Committee consisting of five (5) faculty members, one of them being the candidateís Supervising Professor. Two of the other members are also members of the Coordinating Committee of the programme. The members of each Examination Committee are selected on the basis of their area of expertise in relation to the Thesis subject and are also approved by the General Assembly of the Department.

At the beginning of the research, each student, with the Supervising Professorís approval, submits to all the five members of the Examination Committee a brief Research Proposal of the Thesis according to specific guidelines that have been defined by the Coordinating Committee.

The postgraduate Thesis must be completed during the period between March the 31st and May the 31st of the academic year following the studentís admission to the programme. In case of failure to conclude the Thesis during the period specified the student is expelled from the programme. Any application for exemption of this rule should be submitted, in writing, by the student to the Coordinating Committee of the programme. In this case, the agreement of the studentís Supervising Professor is required.

The Thesis is presented and examined before an open audience. The Supervising Professor must acquire the consent of all the members of the Examination Committee for the thoroughness of the Thesis before setting up a presentation date. The Thesis is graded on the 0-10 scale and the student must achieve a grade of 6,5 or higher grade in order to graduate from the programme. In order to grade the Thesis the Examination Committee takes under consideration the content of the Thesis, the studentís knowledge of the subject and the quality of the presentation.

In case of failure, the student has the right to be reexamined no sooner than three months and no later than six months after the first examination. In case of a second failure, the student is expelled from the Programme following a decision of the Coordinating Committee.


Doctorates are awarded upon completion of an original Dissertation and at any case not earlier than 2 years from the specification of the title of research, if the candidate holds a relevant MSc degree and not later than 5 years after the approval of the title of the Thesis.

The Agricultural University of Athens awards:

  • A Doctorate on Agricultural Sciences to agronomists who hold an MSc or an equivalent degree.

Doctorate of the Agricultural University of Athens to agronomists who hold an MSc on Integrated Rural Development or an equivalent MSc.